22 August 2015

O la la la Paris! Holiday in France

I have been waiting for summertime all year round ;) as you know I live now in England, UK and it is not that sunny as I am used to before I moved out from Poland.
This summertime our plan was to go to France, to Provance, but we decided that lavender fields can wait until next year, this year we will visit Paris and west France...
And this is where we went.

We travelled in our car, with ferry crossing in Dover, then about 3 hours drive and we were in Paris. It was so nice and warm. We used metro to travel with our 4 daughters, which probably was not the best idea, but at least they had new experience and I am sure they enjoyed it.

We spent 2 days in Paris, yet this wasn't enough time to see all the well known spots, but we got to see Eiffel Tower, Pantheon, Alexander the 3rd bridge and Notre Dame.

Besides the famouse buildings Paris is just a lively place to be, with beautiful cafes and pretty buildings, good coffee, wine, cheese, parisian cakes and crepes. 

And then, after those 2 fantastic days in the city of love and romance, we travelled to La Rochelle and spend another 5 days in the sun, sand and ocean. 
La Rochelle is a beautiful town itself, with charming buildings, night life in restaurants that is blooming at night in the port and just such a lovely atmosphere. Amazing place. 

Fresh sea food :) 

It was a lovely holiday, recharged my batteries and enjoyed every minute of it. 

Have you been to Paris? What was your experience like?


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  1. Paryż jest piękny, Francję uwielbiam a szczególnie francuski wystrój wnętrz:)) Muszę się kiedyś wybrać do Paryża - po Twoich zdjęciach widzę że warto!!
    Szkoda tylko że wakacje tak szybko mijają:( :)))



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