14 July 2015

Changes and a New Inspirational Blog

hello Everyone,

Hope you are having a lovely summertime.
We've had some lovely days here in England and took the most of it. We went to Llandudno, North Wales, a beautiful resort town.

I haven't been for a while on this blog, but I have a good reason to excuse myself. I have started writing another blog, but this time it is about healthy lifestyle, healthy eating and wellness. It is a very absorbing project, at the same time giving me a lot of joy and with every post I already have ideas for the next post, so as you can hear my enthusiasm is really high and I am hoping that all the information will be useful for my audience, that is mainly women, mums.
So, here are new links if you are interested. :)

BLOG: http://slimandhealthymum.com/
INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/slimandhealthymum/
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/slimandhealthymum

Have a lovely summertime :)