16 April 2015

Spring in the air and ...in my heart

Hello to everyone,

Long time no see, but I am coming with a double strength as spring has started and it really makes me happier and more optimistic.
I don't like long winter, so living in England seems to be the perfect soultion.
My family spent a lot of Easter time in the garden, we enjoyed the sunshine, beautiful weather and walks.

Here come the pics.

My daughters like picking flowers. There are so many narcissus in England, amazing.

There is nothing better than a nice coffee and dessert with nice people in the sun.

One of the wreths I made for Easter. 


These are our baskets with food, according to our tradition we bless food for Easter.

                                  We made Easter cards this year. Kids enjoyed it.

Our friendly pheasant, he likes posing ;)

More.... time in the garden.

I hope the weather is nice where you are. Happy spring everyone.
To the next post ;)

I'm sending you all warm greetings :)
Have you had a nice Easter break? Made any decorations?
Hope to hear from you.


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