28 April 2015

New life of two tables and a chest

New life of  two tables and a chest

There was once an old coffee table that needed some TLC. 
I painted it with Annie Sloan's chalk paint, in Old White colour and then let it dry.
I then put another layer of the paint and let it dry again. 
After that I scrubbed some bits of the table legs to show off the original colour. 

Annie Sloan paint is incredibly easy to use, because it doesn't require thorough scrubbing off the paint, you can only clean the object you want to paint and then when it's dry, apply Annie Sloan's Paint. There is a whole range of Annie Sloan Paints to use.... just make a wish.

I do recommend it for painting any furniture that you want to refresh.
It is perfect for TLC.

Here come the pictures :)


And here is a chest that I painted long time ago using acrylic paint and then I decoupage it using napkins :) Just wanted to show you what it looks now.



And my last piece of work is a coffee table. We bought it here in England, when we moved from Poland. It was shiny brown colour, I didn't like it but thought that I could make something of it :)

So, the table was given some TLC. First I polished it roughly to take off some of the paintwork and cleaned the table. 
Then I used chalk paint to cover it all. And I left it like that. Although at first I wanted to do a transfer on it. I gave up somehow... 


                                                             Table after scrubbing

Ready :)

But I have a beautiful piece of furniture that will be painted soon and maybe I will show it on my blog on another occasion, what I have done with it. Tranfer is on my mind. 

However, I must admit that although there are many visitors on my blog, people are not very responsive. I hope it changes one day and you will finally at least write what your names are and how did you find my blog?

Anyway, as usual, I am wondering what do you think about my tables and chest TLC?

And from your own experience, do you do tranfers on furniture? Or prefer to leave it plain?

Thank you for visiting :)

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