16 April 2015

In my dream kitchen ...

.... I love preparing food here and sip wine with my husband. 
The colours are so bright and inviting that no matter what season of the year it is, it feels lovely to be here. 
I like it simple and elegant therefore all the dishes are hidden in the cupboards and it's all well organised thanks to the number of drawers and spacy cupboards.

I like fresh herbs and not only I have them in the garden but also I like having them at hand when I prepare food.

There are many pictures that I took tonight so let's begin without too much talk ;)


egg basket, fruit stand- TK Maxx
coffee container, retro scales - Asda- George
roses tea towel, vintage stove glove, fridge magnets, Flower jug, Paris canvas - BM Store
bird hanging decoration - Matalan
3 herb pots- Tesco

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